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Saber –

The saber ring brings together Explosive forces of nature that blends our naturally sourced deer antler with rose wood in a flash of uncharted wilderness. Featuring this timeless design on nature’s grand stage coupled with our hand-picked tungsten to ensure a strong durable base will leave you ready for your next adventure.

Our Deer Antler rings are designed by a team of skilled jewelers that carefully pay attention to the smallest details to ensure our quality standards are always met. Our deer antler is waterproof unlike other rings which will contract and expand with humidity because of the porous  nature of deer antler.

This ring contains solid rose wood and proper care should be considered . These are hand-crafted and although we treat the wood to protect it, overtime it can cause the wood to break if it is exposed to harsh environments such as humidity or extreme heat. It is recommended that this is not an everyday ring, but rather an accessory to complement your saucy outfit as you stroll through the skyscrapers of Manhattan  while showing your artistic side. Flex' your Halo!


Ring Specifications

Ring Width: 8mm

Ring Sleeve: Tungsten

Ring Material: Deer Antler and Rose Wood

Fit: Comfort Fit

30 Days to Return or Exchange

Ring Sizing

Our ring sizer is the best way to measure the size of your finger. Once you purchase our Halo ring sizer, we will email you a coupon code for the same value of the ring sizer to purchase your ring in the correct size.  With the purchase of a Halo Ring, the ring sizer would be free and you can keep it for future ring purchases. There are no returns on the ring sizers. If the size you ordered is not the correct size, we will do 1 free exchange. After that the customer pays future exchange shipping. Any questions or concerns please email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions. For more information on sizing your finger correctly please visit our fitting room page. 

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