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About Us

We believe that Jewelry should express your personality. Don’t hide your mojo, show it to the world by using natural materials from the earth to vibe at the level you were meant to. By using natural materials you feel connected to, you are making your wedding ring part of your unique story in the passionate pursuit of Love. That is why we decided to serve the world by providing unique wedding rings while allowing them to contribute to society to help the most vulnerable in our community. When you purchase a Halo Ring, 10% of the proceeds are donated to different charities that are working to serve those who need it the most.  When you flex your halo, you are helping people in need while assertively harnessing methods of empowerment.

When you empower yourself with jewelry that embraces who you are while helping people You instantly wear the Halo. Once you have the halo, pass it along!

Don’t play it safe, you deserve a wedding ring that empowers you and makes you feel unique.

Every Halo Ring has a story. What's yours?




 The Causes That We Support

We support charities such as which helps asylum seekers rebuild their lives and get basic necessities. Often times, people leave their homes because they can’t find their basic needs met and find many hardships along their journey including violence, rape, and scarcity.

We also work with Givewell which disburses money efficiently to the best charities based on which needs it the most. They also evaluate different charities with in-depth research assessing financials, administrative costs, but go a step further by aiming to determine how much good a given program accomplishes based on lives saved or lives improved per dollar spent. They have a high standard criteria in order to confidently recommend high-impact giving opportunities.

They provide evaluations to charities such as Malaria Consortium, Evidence Action’s Deworm World Initiative, Helen Keller International, Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, Sightsavers and many more.



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