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January 03, 2020 2 min read

Wedding rings have been around since ancient Egypt and tradition followed all the way to ancient Rome and Greece. A ring signifies a symbol of eternity and in most cultures it is a sign of the everlasting love and connection that exists between two people. 

Precious metals have been used in different cultures to show their eternal love and some early examples were the Gimmel Rings used in Europe in the 16th and 17th century which consisted of interlocking rings that would be reunited during the wedding ceremony. 

The Poesy Ring was used during one of our greatest cultural revolutions where art flourished in everyday life, The Renaissance. The band was made our of sterling silver and it included an inscription or a poem inside. 

After WWII wedding rings were crafted using 9 karat gold and were lighter because of wartime restrictions on manufacturing.

As the modern age arrived the tradition of gold and silver remained intact until different materials began to be used to create unique wedding rings that are strong, durable and stylish. For decades, people never looked to other materials as a wedding ring since it was believed that gold or silver was a valuable and rare metal and the idea persisted of using those metals to signify love. 

As more and more materials were becoming more readily available and cheaper to use in manufacturing and as we learned more about other metals and their properties, people started changing their focus on Tungsten, Titanium, Damascus Steel, Deer Antler, Whisky Barrel Wood, and other materials with which people can identify.

These materials certainly give an artsy feel, and no matter who you are there is a ring for you that will feel aligned with your personality at an affordable price. As you become more identified with your ring, the connection of love that the ring signifies becomes stronger and your wedding ring becomes an extension of your style and swagger and not just a piece of metal to get married. 

Check our collection of unique, hand-crafted rings that can serve as an accessory and part of your outfit, and also a unique wedding ring which includes your personality to stay fresh wherever you go. 

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John Gi
John Gi

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